Terrific Twos Shining Stars


Classes are offered on:


1 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $110

2 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $140

3 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $160 

4 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $220

5 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $260

(Registration fee is equal to one month's tuition.)


We are having fun in our Terrific Twos program and Marvelous Mondays.  In our classroom, we have a science table, block table, house keeping center, cars and trucks with a city rug to play on, an iPad that we play with all by ourselves, a storyboard, new books every two weeks, a slide, puzzles, play dough, an art table, a listening center, an imagination station, dress up, puppet shows, two pet frogs, pet fish, pet worms, a reading center,  new games, an easel for painting, music class, movement class and two really cool playgrounds.  We also use a vocabulary program that helps with increasing your child's vocabulary that everyone enjoys. We are planning a special day with Dad's in April and a special day with Moms in May.  We are having a beach day in May along with a bicycle parade.  We learn to spell our names, the days of the week, nursery rhymes, colors, shapes, numbers to 10 or more. We learn how to cut correctly, to tear up paper and hold a pencil the correct way, how to paint and use glue.  We have special "Stars of the Week" that lead us to many places.  We have visiting pets and policeman and fireman.  We have visiting storytellers too.  We learn about ice and snow, grass and flowers.  We learn how to play baseball and soccer too.  Please come by for a visit and see us in action anytime. We would love to meet you and include you in our friendship circle.


  • Muffins for Mom
  • Doughnuts for Dad
  • Beach Day
  • Bicycle Parade
  • "Move Like Me" exercise program
  • Vocabulary Program
  • Picnic at the end of the Year


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Terrific Twos Shining Stars