Beary Special Threes



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1 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $110

2 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $140

3 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $160 

4 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $220

5 day Monthly Tuition Fee: $260

(Registration fee is equal to one month's tuition.)


Our Beary Special Threes classroom is a wonderful setting where children are encouraged to explore and become independent learners. A nurturing, enthusiastic and creative environment is evident when a child walks through the door.

A new theme is introduced weekly. These units are reinforced with manipulatives, stories and songs, crafts and hands-on activities. As the children travel to the different centers, skills are introduced that stimulate their thinking. These tasks can be very simple or one that can present a challenge for a three-year old. Math and language skills are introduced, as well as games that build small motor development.

From “A”, when we are Astronauts, during our Community Helpers Unit, to “Z”, when we are concluding our study of the Alphabet by looking for z in our cereal, each day is presented in a fun, learning environment that promotes growth intellectually, socially and creatively.

Teaching three-year olds involves more than ABCs and 123s. It is our goal to instill in each child a love for school and to find each day a new learning adventure. We would love for you to come visit our Beary Special classroom.


  • Circus Under The Big Top
  • Spring Art Show
  • Chapel
  • Pumpkin Patch Farm



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